Decorative concrete information

Creating concrete for decoration can really add to a home or business. It can make the walls and drive way look interesting and artistic instead of dull. Decorative concreate normally has paints or colours powders mixed in. This can be done a number of way. Powder process equipment is used for a number of things. It is used for grinding particles and mixing them with others. This can be mixing the dry concrete power with other powers. They can also be used to reducing the size of waste, and to produce things such as agricultural feed stocks, plastics, and sorbent materials. It also is used for a number of other different things. You can find the system through different companies and they will be the ones who reduce the size of the products that you want reduced.

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Concrete is a mixture of different materials such as rocks or paste and aggregates. It is also mixed with water. When the concrete dries, it looks stone like. This makes it ideal for constructing sewage systems, bridges, airports, roads, and mass transit systems.

Process of Manufacturing Concrete

Making concrete is pretty easy to do. You will mast likely sue Portland cement first and prepare it. You will then use ingredients such as gravel or sand, these are aggregates, fibers, and chemical admixtures. You will mix those products with water and form concrete. The concrete is then taken to the area that it will be used and paced, compacted, and the cured.


For mixing the products you will mix the Portland cement with the other ingredients. The aggregates are added at the ready mix concrete plant or are pre blended. The mixing machine stirs or rotates the materials to coat the aggregate with cement paste. If you want to, fibers can be added using methods such as premixing, spraying, hand laying up or impregnating. Silica fume is then used most likely for a densifying agent.


Once the concrete has be placed and compacted it will then be cured. It needs to be kept damp for a number of days so that it can set and harden. If this is not done the concrete will most likely weaken.

Decorative Concrete

If you are seeking to have a color or decorative pattern on your concrete, here is how you can do this. There are a couple of basic techniques to coloring the concrete. You can do the integral color which is liquid color that is in the ready mix truck. This procedure mixes the color and mix before the the slab is poured into concrete. The other one is the broadcast method. In this method you will apply color hardened powder onto the concrete surface. The color hardener will go into the top of the concrete slab and color it.

You can then texture the concrete. There is a good time for texturing, if you don't do it at a specific time, it might not work well. You can get mats that will texture the concrete. It is best to have at least a couple of people help you. You will need help placing the mats on the concrete and then putting a seal on the concrete with a decorative concrete sealer.

So as you can there is a lot of involvement in making concrete. It must be done right in order for it to be strong and look right.